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Truecaller is a widely used mobile app across the world that finds the details of a given phone number globally from its database of user profiles and their synced phonebook contacts, integrated together as virtual phonebook. One can also find the contact details of a person by his name and other details, if he is a Truecaller user provided that he keeps his profile and contact details public.

Three Baboons Technologies are created effective and high-performing Truecaller Ads.

Truecaller For Businesses

As a leading mobile app used by people of various demographics and psychographics, Truecaller provides a platform for businesses and brands to monitor and control their company information and details, and gives them the ability to present their company details to people in the way they want.

Type Of Targeting

  • Carrier
  • Operating System
  • GEO Targeting
  • Frequency Capping

Advertising On Truecaller

Before you begin a paid campaign on Truecaller Ads, you’ll select between one of three campaign types: search, display, or video.

Search ads are text ads that are displayed among search results on a Truecaler results page.

Display ads are typically image-based and are shown on web pages within the Truecaller Display Network.

Type Of Advertisement

  • Search Ad
  • Display Ad
  • Third Party Tags Ad
  • Native Ad