Three Baboons Technologies Grow your business with Google Ads

Started Package

Rs.3500/- Responsive search Ad

Three Baboons Technologies | Grow your business with Google Ads

Google Ads is an effective way to drive qualified traffic, good fit customers to your business while they look up for products and services like the one you offer. With Google ads, you can boost your website traffic, receive lead calls and can increase your in-store visits to a next level.

Three Baboons Technologies offer the effective and high performing Google Ads.

Campaign Type

Google Ads displays your commodity to potential leads and customers who are interested in your prroduct and services. Advertisers bid on search terms and keywords and the holders of the leading bid are placed at the top of searh results, Youtbe videos or on relevant website depending on type of Ad campaign choosen.

Type Of Campaign

  • Smart Campaign
  • Web Traffic Campaign
  • Lead Campaign
  • Call Ads

Campaign Category

Before you begin a paid campaign on Google Ads, you’ll select between one of three campaign types: search, display, or video.

Search ads are text ads that are displayed among search results on a Google results page.

Display ads are typically image-based and are shown on web pages within the Google Display Network.

Video ads are between six and 15 seconds and appear on YouTube.

Type Of Advertisement

  • Search Ad
  • Display Ad
  • Video Ad
  • App Promote Ad